You At The Motha' F*ckin Gathering?!

You At The Motha’ F*ckin Gathering?

Walking into the new year of 2021 with his new single, “At The Gathering”, Wade Elliott has set out to continue to give us new and exciting music monthly. “At The Gathering” is one of four tracks that will be on Wade Elliott’s EP that’s scheduled to release this year in March.

“At The Gathering” was composed by Wade Elliott and Page Turner. Page Turner produced the beat while Wade Elliott wrote the lyrics, mixed, mastered, and promoted the project to what we will hear and see on January 22nd.

Upon release day Wade Elliott will include a music video on the same day. The music video was filmed in Wade’s apartment, edited, and directed by Niko Medina of Backline Productions. Niko Medina also did Wade Elliott’s last music video “The Narrative”. Both music videos can be found on Wade Elliott’s YouTube channel which you can find the link at the bottom of this article.

While we wait patiently, we can get ready for this release by pre-saving “At The Gathering” with the link below.

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