How to make your NEXT Post Office visit faster

The post office isn't the GREATEST place you want to spend your time when you're on a lunch break or on your day off, right? Right. I know a guy who works for the Post Office and he hates it when he has to talk about the post office outside of his work. But then again, many people don't like to talk about work at all unless, of course, they adore it. But there's one thing he strives to do at work, and that is to get people out of his office as fast as possible. The goal is to get you in, get your stuff mailed, maybe give you some information for your next visit, and get you the eff out!

So with that said, let's get into some tips to make your next Post Office visit faster:

Pay Online (Parcels/Packages)

This will actually keep you from stepping foot in a post office altogether.

If you're mailing a parcel/package, pay for the postage online, and print out your own shipping label. This works for the US and International shipments. This will also help you skip the line completely by just walking up to the side of the window, and dropping off the parcel, that is if you don't need to get a receipt from the Window Clerk. If you do, then you'll have to wait in line.

If you don't need a receipt and your parcel is small enough, you can drop it in ANY postal blue box, and the postal carrier or window clerk will pick it when they get to it that day. If your parcel is too big for the blue box, DO NOT FORCE IT DOWN! Postal workers HATE that shit! And it will possibly damage your parcel when they go to remove it. Online is the way to go because not only can you pay your postage online, you can also schedule a pick-up date for your parcel as well. Post Masters, Supervisors, or Postal Clerks print out these notices out every day before your carrier leaves the office. You can actually almost do everything online when it comes to the Post Office, such as, buy stamps, supplies, request your mail to be held, change your address, request redelivery, even give delivery instructions. As I said, you never have to step foot in a post office by doing everything online.

Hang Up & Call Back

As simply said. The post office and their window clerks are there for you. If you're trying to mail something off, and you occupied with a conversation on the phone while the clerk is trying to tell you something you need to be all ears. They want you in and out as fast as possible to keep you moving forward with your day. Plus, it's rude af, and you look stupid trying to do two things at once while there's a line forming behind you cause you won't hang up the phone!

And I'm sure working the window, selling stamps, and helping you send your parcel isn't the only work they have to do either. There's much more stuff for a post office clerk to do behind the scenes daily just like you do at your job. Please hang up and call back. I promise you'll be back on the phone in 5 minutes or less.

Take these two tips and run with them. They will help you out greatly!


Wah Dah Tay

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