How to Break Through Writer's Block

Writer’s block is no joke. It stops us in our tracks like the deer in the headlights. Nothing can get accomplished, and it’s a wall of frustration. Writer’s block can be so intense; it can even last for months! I’ve written, recorded, and performed for over a decade, and I’ve had writer’s block many times. Even the greatest of writers encounter it and they have their way of breaking thought it.

Here are 4 methods I use on how to break through writer’s block:

Read a Book

Whether it’s poetry, sci-fi or book on how to be a better writer, reading is always a great way to find inspiration to push you out of writer’s block. For instance, I went to this little book store in downtown Alexandria, VA, and one book jumped out to me called, “The Right to Write”, by Julia Cameron.

This book took me through steps and gave me the confidence to pick up the pen again. You can get online used for under 5.00 USD or new under 15.00 USD. I highly recommend it.

Go have coffee with yourself (Change the scenery)

I was in a metalcore band called “On Wings of Hope”, at the time cranked out song after song. Within the first six months, we had written our first EP and our debut full-length album. As a singer, lyricist, and engineer of our demos, I had a lot of work on my plate; not to mention everything in my personal life. I hit writer’s block for over a month on the EP’s opening song.

I was in my head fighting myself on how I thought the vocals would sound like, and what the song should be about. So, I decided to hit a Starbucks with my laptop, headphones, and notebook. I sipped my coffee, munched on my breakfast sandwich, and got to work. I took in the people, the smell, the taste, the light, everything; and I broke through writer’s block.

If you don’t drink coffee, going out to dinner works as well. You just need to change your scenery sometimes to get the inspiration you need.


Most EVERYONE is a part of some social media platform or another. Simply create a post asking friends and family to throw out some topics and ideas to write about.

I’ve done this to find blog ideas and I got 10 suggestions within 24 hours.

Free Write

My number 1 go-to when it comes to breaking through writer’s block. You don’t think, you don’t care what comes out on paper, you just write. If you don’t want to get sucked into the free writer rabbit hole, then set a timer on your phone for at least 10 minutes and let it ride.

FUN FACT: This is how most of the lyrics in my songs start out. Also, you can do that same thing with melodies for your music.

I hope this helped you out. If you have any questions or ideas you’d like me to add contact me on any social media, my website, or email.

- Wadey

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