Yo, I am sick and tired of having a list of these to do, coming home, hopping into sweats, and becoming a youtube surfing, computer chair zombie!

I have a list of things I want and need to get complete daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly; you know your short term and long term goals. If you don't have a list, I HIGHLY encourage you to make one.

We have so many things going on in our lives, so many DISTRACTIONS, we NEED to have something to keep us on task. Yes, I know we're fucking tired. Come home, eat, take a moment, then pop a K-Cup and GET-TO-THE-SHITS! Time isn't waiting for no man nor woman. We got this though. I know it.

I got some tips to help you out to keep you on your toes:

1. DO NOT lay down

That bed, that couch is WAY too comfortable for your tired ass when you get home from work. Let's be real, you and I both know you ain't getting up for shit. Maybe to take a piss, but that's about it!

So instead, sit in a backless chair when you come to rest. It's enough to take the weight off your feet, but not comfortable enough to fall asleep in. In about 15-20 mins it's probably gonna start hurting your back. If you don't have one they're like $50 at Target or IKEA. A costless idea would be to sit on the edge of your couch, BUT DO NOT LAY BACK! We want to stay productive and get shit done.


I take a bookbag to work and everywhere I go, which has my list in it. It's not too large and very accessible when I need to add, review, or cross out a task I've completed. There's nothing more frustrating to need to add something to your list, and it's at home. You come home and couldn't remember what it was you need to add or do until it's 9pm, and you need to be up at 4am for work the next day...

I like to have a notepad or moleskin notebook because I like to use pens. Nowadays, it'd be best to have your list on your phone in your notes. The Notes features haven't gotten so much better that you can set up a list and tap your objectives to show they're completed. Check it out if you haven't already.


With your list always on you, you need to keep reviewing it. This will keep every task you need and want to do in mind and you'll automatically want to plan the rest of your day around these tasks and push you a little more. If you start to feel overwhelmed, pick one or two from your list that day. You got this.

4. One Day At A Time

In the end, we only have so much time in one day. With our job, our kids, our significant other(s), there's only some much we can accomplish in one day. It's okay if you can't get the two things you planned to complete that day. Shit happens. Oh well, Tomorrow is another day, try again. But, as long as you use the last three tips daily, you'll get something done and you'll keep moving forward in life. Even if it feels like you're crawling instead of taking baby steps, you're moving forward, and that's okay.

There are so many things in this world now keeping us occupied, distracting us and keeping us in our same daily routine. Why don't we step back and look at ourselves? We know we don't want to be on Facebook for the rest of the night when you could've been researching, "passive income ideas", or taking that first step to learning guitar; really ANYTHING but social media surfing, liking everyone else's passions and wishing we could be them. Fuck that! Do it for yourself, and stay productive. All honesty, it'll make you more attractive too to the opposite sex. You ever seen the movie, Yes Man, with Jim Carrey?

Anyway, I need to get on these dirty dishes.

Wadey Out!

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