Don't Trip That Ain't Me!

Since September Wade Elliott has been dropping new music throughout these hard times and for that I am incredibly grateful to any artist or musician who can stay as consistent as this guy.

Now, we are seeing he has got another single coming to us on December 18th just before the new year! I have a feeling Wade Elliott is going to give us one for the books; something that’ll have us listening over and over again into the new year and beyond.

This R&B Pop singer-songwriter doubles as a rapper, but he doesn’t stop there. Release after release Wade Elliott has had the opportunity to perform his audio engineering on not only his past releases but his upcoming release as well.

“The Narrative” brings us into the aftermath of toxic intimate relationships; the classic, “He said, She said”.

Wade Elliot also continues to experiment with his sound throughout this single. Lines from the hook sang with pride and finesse, “I ain’t gonna trip no that ain’t me, You know I hate you, and you hate me, Push the narrative to your whole family, Through dirty on my name cause they don’t know me.” We also get to hear Wade Elliott actually Rap in a small section in this release; it comes out of nowhere and he kills it!

“The Narrative” releases December 18th Friday on Spotify. Pre-Saves for the single are available on Wade Elliott’s Instagram account now @iamwadeelliott.

Don’t forget to check out his previous releases on his website:

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